duminică, 27 februarie 2011

Life is about decisions...some of those are good, others not so, but we still go on. This is the most important thing... I never regreted about my decisions... If I could turn back time I think I will make the same things, because even nothing is perfect, my life is still good and it will be better if I keep myself positive and...mak a change from right now. Sometimes I want to fight more, to take all my strenght and fight, fight for a better and more adventurous life, for having interesting memories to talk about in the future, but is not so easy. I know, nothing is easy, and I also learned that if I will keep continuing staying in my bad and being lazy, my life will be much booring that i can believe.
So Anna, make a change...wake up, brush your teeth, take some nice clothes, make your hair pretty, smile and go and make something interesting and good for you, because you need this and you deserve it!
Annnnd....don't forget to make some sport, eat healthy and spend more time with your best friends...
Good luck!